Project and Construction Activities


  • static assessment of buildings for building construction permit
  • static calculations and project of supporting structures of building as part of construction project
    (steel, reinforced concrete, brick, wood or combined supporting structures)
  • static calculations and assessment for all types of supporting structures – building, engineering and technological
  • static assessment of constructions used in building reconstructions, repair and change the use of constructions
  • strength calculations of pressure vessels

Design, engineering construction and bridges

  • industrial buildings
  • construction of crane runways
  • roof constructions, canopies, stands, etc.
  • bridges, road, rail and pedestrian footbridge
  • transport bridges for belt conveyors, lifts, pipe bridges
  • storage containers
  • towers, poles, chimneys
  • framework of machinery and technological equipment
  • framework of energy, chemical and food facilities
  • framework for agricultural needs
  • framework of sports facilities e.g. various gyms framework, climbing walls, etc.

Technological equipment

  • pressure piping and pumping system
  • municipal and industrial energy facilities:
    exchangers, expansion tanks, air tanks, compressor stations
  • transport and lifting facilities:
    belt conveyors, screw conveyors, overhead and gantry cranes
  • degreasing equipment
  • equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries:
    tanks, pressure tanks, heating tanks, mixing tanks

Construction activity

  • manufacturing documentation of steel framework
  • manufacturing documentation of technological equipment in material design steel grade 11 and 17
  • manufacturing documentation of single-purpose devices used in technological lines
  • construction of 3D models of single-purpose devices and technological lines using Inventor and SolidWorks software



Complete production documentation processing for all listed frameworks and equipment issued in electronic form – dwg. format.

TECHNOS,a.s. – engineering supply company offer

  • own realization of project arrangement
  • constructional process
  • technological process of production and manufacturing
  • realization of final surface treatment
  • assembly
  • testing and metrology
  • pre-complex testing (PKV)
  • complex testing (KV)
  • service of machine-technology parts for various industry segments:
    Nuclear energy
    Municipal and industrial energy
    Chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry
    Paper industry
    Biochemical industry
    Food industry

Many years of experience in the production of technological equipment

  • Pressure and non pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • Pipeline and pump system
  • Air technical system
  • Special single-purpose equipment
  • Screw conveyors
  • Pneumatic conveyors

Product prefabrication range

Direct delivery

  • standard pressure vessel
  • air chambers
  • heat exchangers
  • heaters
  • expansion reservoirs
  • wind chambers
  • longitudinally welded pipes of large diameter
  • segmental pipe elbows
  • reactors
  • column
  • pipe reducers – centric, concentric
  • T-pieces, rectangular and angular
  • technological steel structures

Material execution of precast parts

  • stainless steel (AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316Ti, 316L, 321 – for chemical and food industry)
  • carbon steel –all classes

For 10 years of existence through strategic management and leadership company has become one of the major suppliers of these technologies.

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